Learning About Health and Safety Representative Training

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) are trained professionals who deal with the health and safety of the employees in a company. HSRs are entitles to attending an initial or refresher training, but they are not trained in detail. OHS courses Melbourne is not designed to train HSRs specifically or to fulfil an employer’s obligations in relation to OHS, rather their courses are designed for all the managers, supervisors, health committee members to know about the important measures to stay safe.

OHS Act on HSR Training
Section 67 of the OHS Act declares entitlement for HSR initial and refresher OHS training, whereas the Section 69 of the OHS Act provides for other WorkSafe approved HSR OHS training.

Training for Elected HSRs
Under Section 67 of the OHS Act, the employers must allow paid leave form work for an employee to attend work health and safety course in Melbourne.

This leave is allowed to attend:
HSR initial OHS training course after the process of being elected HSR refresher OHS training course or Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Melbourne which is offered at least once a year after the completion of the initial training course.

The HSR refresher course
The HSR refresher course offers a day-based training for HSRs to gain further details about their information from the initial course. Refresher course content usually covers the learning outcomes from the initial course. Such as:
– Legislation Updates
– Risk Management Information related to Industrial Hazards etc.
– Risk management specific to an industry or hazards
– Entitlements of HSR and related Powers
– Development Skills for HSR

Disagreement of HSR on a Course
The HSR is entitles to selecting a course give the employer a chance to express his or her views on current situation and suitability of the course. If a disagreement appears and the HSR cannot decide on a course, HSR may ask WorkSafe to decide which course they can attend. It is an offence under the OHS Act for an employer to refuse, without a reasonable excuse, to allow an HSR to attend a course determined by WorkSafe and penalties may apply.

Pay for an Elected HSR While Training
Regular attendance of employees at the approved Initial and Refresher HSR training is counted in their work hours, so they should not be compromised. An HSR is entitled to receiving their regular earnings while they are attending the HSR training, it can often form part of a leadership and management development program Melbourne.

The earnings entitlement includes the following works:
– Their Regular Shift
– Regular Overtime
– Special Duties
– Bonus Allowances
– Penalty Rates

In addition to these points, if someone who has attedned a Work Health & Safety Courses Melbourne is spending his time outside normal work hours at training is also counted under the work hours. Because of this, the employer should pay necessarily for the training course and any associated costs of the HSRs attendance.

The prices of the training course may include other costs e.g.
– Traveling cost- To and From the Approved Course
– Meals and Accommodation of the Employees
– Training entitlements of HSRs

Under section 69 of the OHS Act, an employer must allow an HSR time off with pay to attend other WorkSafe approved OHS training courses. The HSR must provide notice of 14 days or more before the corporate leadership training course in Melbourne starts.

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